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Sleepy baby

Sleep-Well Support Call

Stress-free sleep in 60-minutes!

Exhaustion getting the better of you?

All you want in your new life as a mum is for your baby to be happy, sleeping well, settled,

to develop normally, and to meet their milestones.

But your baby is always grizzly and won’t settle or stop crying, and things aren’t going

as smoothly as you had imagined.

You doubt yourself. You don’t feel good enough. You're exhausted all day, every day,

and you're tired of all the advice you’re receiving from your friends and family.

Dreaming of a good night's sleep?

You also want to understand your baby’s sleep and feeding cues so you can respond to their needs.


You would like to implement proven strategies that comfort your baby and help them self-settle.


You desire your baby to be well-rested, not only for healthy development,

but you and dad need to be well-rested too.

Gain stress-free sleep for the whole family.

Over the 60-minute Sleep-Well Support Call (or option of 2 x 30-minute sessions), we’re going

to identify why your baby isn’t settling, and how this might be impacting your family—physically,

emotionally, and mentally.

We’re going to identify what techniques you’ve used so far and why they haven’t been working.

I’m going to show you how to:

  • Use proven and evidence-based strategies that suit your baby’s individual temperament and personality.

  • Soothe and calm your baby using age appropriate gentle strategies that have been proven
    to nurture your infant's mental health.

  • Holistically meet the needs of your baby and develop a routine.

  • Manage stress & anxiety and boost your parenting confidence.

In Demand

Sleep-Well Support



1 x 60-minute session /or 2 x 30-minute sessions

Identify what's not working for you & baby

Understand temperament & how it affects sleep needs

Learn proven & practical strategies that work

Manage stress & anxiety

What mums are saying...

image of client testimonial


"My experience working with Emma has been life changing. Emma helped me step up and be confident in my role as a first time Mum. Emma took the time to really listen to mine and my husband's goals/needs for baby."
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