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Sleep-Well Crisis Support

Transform Your Sleep & Enjoy Your Time.

Getting a baby or toddler to sleep can be challenging.

Does your little one scream the house down?  

Are you unable to establish sleep strategies that work?

Are you now doubting yourself, unsure what to do, and cringe at the thought of your neighbours hearing your screaming baby?

Know the sleep methods that will work for you & your little one.

You want to learn techniques to settle, soothe and comfort

your baby, but there is so much information online.

You want to establish stress-free daily sleep for your baby!


You want to feel confident and empowered to troubleshoot

sleeping issues that may arise as your baby’s needs change.

Boost your confidence & meet your little one's sleep goals.

After assessing your baby or toddler's unique sleeping needs, I'll guide and support you to implement easy and achievable steps that will get your little one into a healthy sleeping pattern.


Over a 3-month period, you’ll have me in your corner, and together we will:


  • Understand your baby’s unique temperament.

  • Identify your baby’s needs through a sleep questionnaire.

  • Establish sleep hygiene strategies that are flexible, sustainable and meets your family’s sleep goals.

  • Confidently manage sleep issues as your baby's needs evolve.

Up to what age do you offer sleep crisis support?

It is never too early or too late to adopt healthy sleep hygiene strategies

along the infant development continuum.


Whether your little one is a baby, toddler or five-year-old, I can help.

Best Value

Sleep-Well Crisis



3-months of support

Includes sleep diary, questionnaire & personalised plan

Assess and understand your baby’s unique temperament

Identify your baby's sleep needs

Establish a sleep routine

Manage stress & anxiety

What mums are saying...

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"Our experience working with Emma has been life changing. Emma's approach to sleep is gentle but so effective. The strategies helped our baby sleep better almost immediately, and she has consistently slept well since."
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